Abr 4, 2023

Are Dish and Cbs Close to an Agreement

As of now, there is no official agreement between Dish and CBS regarding the latter`s availability on Dish`s network. However, the two companies have been in discussions and negotiations for quite some time, and rumors of a potential deal have been circulating in the industry.

If you`re a Dish subscriber, you may have noticed that CBS programming has been unavailable on the network since late 2019. This is due to a dispute between the two companies over the terms of their contract. Dish has argued that CBS is demanding excessive fees for their programming, while CBS maintains that they are only seeking fair compensation for their content.

As the negotiations have progressed, there have been some indications that the two sides may be getting closer to a resolution. In late 2020, Dish CEO Erik Carlson expressed optimism that a deal could be reached, stating that «we`re having active conversations with CBS and hope to reach an agreement that will result in CBS returning to our customers` homes.»

However, at the time of writing, there is no official word on when or if CBS will return to Dish. It`s important to note that even if a deal is reached, it may take some time for CBS programming to become available on the network again. Both companies will need to finalize the terms of the agreement and potentially make technical changes to their systems before this can happen.

As a Dish subscriber, it can be frustrating to be without access to CBS programming. However, it`s worth keeping in mind that negotiations like these can be complex and time-consuming. Hopefully, the two companies will be able to reach an agreement soon that will benefit both themselves and their customers.