Oct 16, 2021

Which Pakistani Leader Signed Simla Agreement

(iii) Withdrawals shall commence upon entry into force of this Agreement and shall be concluded within 30 days. [4] The simla Agreement, signed on July 2, 1972 by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Pakistani President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was much more than a peace treaty designed to reverse the consequences of the 1971 war (i.e., to provoke the withdrawal of troops and an exchange of prisoners of war). It was a comprehensive plan for good-neighbourly relations between India and Pakistan. Under the Simla Agreement, the two countries pledged to renounce the conflicts and confrontations that had affected relations in the past and to work towards the creation of lasting peace, friendship and cooperation. The Simla Agreement contains a set of guiding principles on which India and Pakistan have mutually agreed and to which both sides would adhere in the management of their relations with each other. .