Oct 5, 2021

Sample Employment Agreement Philippines

We are pleased to inform you that we have effectively __Designation__ your services ______ with a monthly payment (daily/monthly) of ___________________________________P______________________________ The conditions of your employment in this company are listed below: A regular employment contract should embody respect for this job security while maximizing the potential exercise of management prerogatives. The right to benefits and obligations of the worker to serve the employer with the utmost fidelity and confidence should be presented accordingly in the agreement. Of course, you can use the standard form of the employment contract. In the event that the worker is, for any reason, separated or terminated from his employment relationship, he may not seek employment in a local or foreign company active in the Philippines, nor establish or establish a company offering similar services for a period of one (1) year from the date of separation or termination. In order to preserve the interests of the company and the confidentiality of its business and affairs, the employee agrees that he maintains strict confidentiality during the duration of his employment and since and after the effective termination of his employment and that he has no technical, commercial, financial or commercial information, methods, processes, inventions (whether or not they fall within the scope of intellectual property protection or whether they are considered to be confidential) and have not been disclosed, including, but not limited to: customers. Customer lists or requirements, price lists, pricing structures, marketing and distribution information, business or business plans, employees or senior managers, financial information, product lines, research activities, plans, designs and formulas, whether established by employees or by other means. 2. The Company also reserves the right to terminate your trial period before the end of your trial period for any of the just and permissible reasons provided for by applicable law or because you have not satisfactorily satisfied and complied with the above standards, conditions and requirements. In this case, you have the right to receive only your salary until the end of the working time on the last day of your actual benefit; 5. You agree that all records and documents of the Company as well as any information regarding its activity and/or business and those of its customers are absolutely confidential and that no unauthorized disclosure or reproduction thereof is made by you at any time during or after your employment….