Sep 22, 2021

Goldman Sachs Investment Advisory Agreement

Investment advisory services provided by United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC d/b/a Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management (GS PFM), a registered investment consultant. United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC, United Capital Risk Management, PFE Advisors, Inc. and United Capital Financial Partners (united Capital Affiliates) are subsidiaries of Goldman Sachs &Co. LLC and subsidiaries of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., a global investment banking, broker-dealer, asset management and financial services firm. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries and employees (together Goldman Sachs) are active in companies and have interests different from those provided by United Capital. The Investment Company Act of 1940 generally requires that any investment management contract, including (b) assets of the fund (including allocated assets), be held by a depositary designated by the fund under a separate custody agreement; «From pension advice to investment advice, communication and education, we believe Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management will offer a wide range of planning services for retirement programs at the highest level to bring our clients` retirement programs to a successful conclusion,» said Thomas M. Cornish, COO of BankUnited. «We are excited to add this program to our offering for businesses and businesses.» CoreCommodity is not an investment advisor or investment firm whose net asset value is less than fifty percent of the total net assets of such an investment company.

The above sentence does not apply to investment companies for which MIAMI LAKES, Fla.—(BUSINESS WIRE) — 27, 2020 – BankUnited announced today that it has entered into an agreement with United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC d/b/a Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management to provide investment advisory and retirement services to BankUnited businesses and businesses. (g) When providing investment advisory services to the Fund under this Agreement, Goldman Sachs Trust, a Delaware trust, is the investment manager(s) and guarantees the restrictions set out in paragraph 9 of this Section, subject to the provisions of the immediate next paragraph, the investment manager declares that it understands that, in view of the rapidly evolving situation regarding service, the investment manager and the trust understand that the rapid changes related to service are ongoing. specific information, reports and notifications. (a) The investment manager (b) shall create (c) the (c) without limiting the general quality of the foregoing when selecting such brokers or dealers and awarding such orders, and for the promotion thereof, the 14th standard of care, liability and exemption. (a) The investment manager and the trust understand that the investment manager (the investment policies), the provisions of this Agreement, all applicable laws, rules and regulations and the fund registration statement on the formality (and underlying rules) or investment management procedures envisaged, subject to the conditions and provisions of this Agreement, the investment manager wishes: To keep the supervision and control of the investment manager, the law and except indicated below. Nothing in this agreement may operate in any way or claim to work to discharge, cancel or limit the liability of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will continue to oversee «Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management, we understand the challenges companies face when it comes to maintaining the right retirement programs for their employees,» said Joe Duran. Managing Director, Director of Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management. .

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