Sep 17, 2021

Dollar Bank Deposit Agreement

There may be other exceptions set out in our agreements with you or permitted by law. All savings and interest rate current accounts (whether sight deposit accounts or NOW) are variable rate accounts. The interest rate and annual return percentages we pay on these accounts may change. At our discretion, we may change the interest rate on these accounts at any time without notice. «Available credit» is the amount you have in your account at any given time that is available for immediate withdrawals or to cover other charges. Available credit represents the difference between the current account balance and all activities that have not yet been accounted for in the account (e.g.B. deposits, cheques, transfers and withdrawals in progress). The outstanding items are the withdrawals and credits that we receive, but that we have not yet settled and reserved. Dormant funds may also be transferred to the State as abandoned or uninsured property, in accordance with applicable State law.

This transmission is called «escheat». For the purposes of escheatment, the applicable state law is the state that is generally listed in the current mailing address on your account, as indicated by you in accordance with Part V of this Agreement. The bank will try to contact in writing before transferring your abandoned account or not. The Bank sends a message to the current mailing address of your account, which you have set in accordance with Part V of this Agreement. The bank cannot send this message if mail previously sent to this address is returned. After the funds have been transferred to the state, the bank has no additional responsibility for the funds and you must apply to the competent public authority to recover your funds.28. Transfer of ownership Although the checks that are drawn on your account are negotiable, the account itself is not negotiable. Accounts are not transferable except in the bank`s books and records. In order to transfer ownership or mortgage the account as collateral for a loan by a person other than the bank, a written request must be made on a form approved by the bank. If ownership is to be transferred, the bank may require the account to be closed and a new account to be opened. Any seizure of the account from third parties is subject to the Bank`s right of set-off and guarantee rights in accordance with Part III.21.29. Service FeesYou agree to pay all applicable service fees to your account, as set forth in the bank`s products and services brochure, the publication supplement and other services and fees provided to you.

Service fees may include, but are not not related to, cheque printing fees, cheque letters, stop payment orders, post-expiry item communications, collection services, official cheques, bank statements and copies of documents, wire transfers and other bank transfers, payment orders, cheques, cheques, dormant accounts, legal trial fees, closing costs, overdraft credits, and fees for insufficient items. Fees may vary from state to state or region within a country. All fees can be deducted from your account, regardless of your available credit and without notice, even if the deduction of fees results in an overdraft of your account.. . . .