Sep 12, 2021

Bell Craft Collective Agreement

The collective agreement expired on November 30, 2016, while negotiations began on September 15, 2016 in Ottawa. Negotiations for the renewal of Bell Craft`s collective agreement have resumed after a break last December in Montreal, following the direct participation of Unifor National President Jerry Dias. After four months of negotiations, after several days of intensive negotiations in Montreal, a preliminary agreement was reached for the renewal of the Bell Craft contract. Details of the new provisional agreement will be published at ratification meetings in the coming weeks. The contract involves more than 3800 technicians in Ontario and Quebec, which represents Unifor. Members will be informed of the times and locations of ratification votes as soon as the details of the meeting are confirmed. «We are pleased to have reached a provisional agreement. Unifor`s bargaining committee did a great job and kept members` needs at the center of the negotiations,» said Alain Portelance, Unifor`s national representative, who led the contract negotiations. Preparations for the strike votes began in December, after eight weeks of meetings with the company and another two weeks of day and night negotiations in the presence of the conciliator. Learn about what`s happening at Unifor and how the union is improving the lives of all workers in Canada. Subscribe to our Uniforum E-Newsletter.

These discussions resumed on January 13 and continued last weekend, ending in the early morning of January 16. The bargaining committee is Jeff Brohman, Local 34-0; Claude Brazeau, Local 80, Ray Mortimer, Local 26, Alain Paradis, Local 8284, Alain Sévigny, Local 8284, Drew Wickens, Local 53. Bell management contacted Dias directly and indicated interest in further discussions at the bargaining table. In a conference call on December 27 between Dias and members of the bargaining committee, the group agreed to halt a strike vote, while new bargaining dates were set. . . .