Sep 9, 2021

Agreement Date Format

How do I write a date on the web? There are so many formats, most of which are incompatible with others, that it can be a nightmare for ease of use to choose a date presentation while writing for an international and cross-cultural audience, as is the case on the web. Fortunately, there is a solution in the international date format developed by iso. In the rest of the world, the most common format is day/month/year (e.g.B. in the UK and Australia). Some places also use an annual/monthly/daily format (for example. B China), but this is very rare in English. You can also write the date as numbers. The format to use here is month/day/year. However, there are a number of variants, including: using encrypted date information also has some pitfalls in terms of readability and ease of use, as explained in the Date Formats FAQ. While not perfect, the ISO date format is the best choice for a date presentation that is universal (and accurate). If you`re writing data in response to a question, remember that there are several good ways to write it down (for example. B 24 April, 24 April and 24 April, everyone is correct).

The most commonly used separator in the purely numeric date format is an oblique line (/). However, you can also use a dash (-) or a period (.). As for the year, commas are not necessary if you write the date in British English, but you can if you prefer this style. In very formal situations, such as invitations or business letters, you may need to write the date in words. You can do it correctly in different ways: as Paul said, YYYY-MM-TT is good enough to convey universally but concisely. How to solve this riddle? What date format is suitable today for different contexts (commercial, personal) in written English? The United States is one of the few places in the world to use this date format. Belize and Micronesia also use this format and it is secondary to Canada and the Philippines. The rest of the world has a different order. If you want to write the date purely numerically in American English, you should use the following style. Here too comes first the month, then the day, then the year. .