Abr 11, 2021

Purse Agreement Definition

He handed over his wallet and covered it very carefully. An example of a wallet is to brush your lips around a straw. When I travel and children run towards me, the girls look in my purse and put on my gloss and chapsticks. Arthur explained his hasty return by saying that he had forgotten his wallet at the convent. As soon as she picked up her purse and clothes, she was able to call Connie to pick her up. In American English, it is called the currency exchange, the wallet, the paperback or the wallet. The pre-locked door in the lobby was now open, and I found my wallet. That`s why you wanted to prove me a thief with this wallet. On a summer afternoon, Donna Ann Levonuk, 50, lifted a diaper cream tub for $43.98 and put it in her purse. He is occupied by one of his officers who carries his wallet and makes payments. «I have her purse there,» says Connie, holding a shiny red wallet.

These are longer than traditional ads, mini-stories, designed to pull on the heart – as well as wallet strings. I had brought some curiosities, including an asbestos wallet that cleans by fire. She pulled a cigarette out of her purse and lit it without moving her face off the screen. Tears flooded her eyes and she dug into her purse for a piece of cloth. An example of a wallet is to collect a piece of fabric. In British English, a wallet is a small container in which a woman carries money. An example of a wallet is the amount of money that can be earned in a horse race. The word wallet is also used in British English, but only to get a container in which a man carries money.