Abr 11, 2021

Processing Agreement Planning Scotland

While we welcome pre-application discussions on all types of applications, a formal processing agreement is best suited for larger applications or for local developments that are complex or potentially controversial. They can be used for detailed applications, a basic building permit or authorization of specified circumstances. Content of a planning processing agreement The main objective of the agreement is to clarify the application of all parties involved in the application of their skills and to set realistic deadlines for processing the application. The treatment agreement therefore applies to the following provisions: the Scottish Government has established a model for a treatment agreement that will form the basis of each agreement. There are no plans to be a detailed document and the most important steps in the process and the realistic timelines for their implementation are clearly indicated. You can download a more detailed guide to the reflection contracts below: City Council would like to encourage the use of processing contracts containing planning requests for important developments, in order to clarify the time frames and processes that will take place before the definition of these proposals. In order to support the treatment agreement, constructive preparatory discussions should be initiated between the planning authority, proponents, agencies and other relevant advisory bodies. A processing agreement does not guarantee the granting of a building permit, but should be based on a common understanding of the main stages of the process – related planning applications will continue to be considered on their merits and against the conditions of the urban planning plan. The pre-application discussion between the developers and ourselves is always welcome. The appropriateness of using a treatment agreement should be discussed with us at each first meeting to discuss your proposal. For more information, please contact our Planning and Construction Standards Office. Treatment agreements should be discussed as soon as possible.

It is important that developers are informed at an early stage of the level of information required to support an application. Treatment agreements should lead to greater trust and more open and positive working relationships between developers, planning authorities and consultants. Early identification of relevant planning issues at an early pre-nomination stage will speed up the process for developers and city council. Major planning applications often include developments that result in significant economic investments in the city and Shire, while improving the environment and facilities offered to their residents. Similarly, these requests can be controversial and generate public interest. There is therefore a need for an effective, effective and consistent approach to the planning department.