Abr 10, 2021

Master Loan Sale Agreement

GMFS LLC and Correspondent have agreed to enter into an agreement in which correspondents apply to potential borrowers for residential real estate loans and GMFS LLC commits to them and, therefore, after approval of the final loan application and the full package of loans related to them, agree to purchase such loans with the intention of selling them to investors or on the secondary market. The purpose of this agreement is to define the obligations, responsibilities and consideration of the various parts of this agreement. The correspondent includes all subsidiaries, related companies, correspondents, branches and all related persons. This share purchase and loan agreement (the contract) is concluded from 29 July 2018 by and between OC Oerlikon Corporation AG, Pf-ffikon (seller) and Dana International Luxembourg LLP (the buyer) (one party and the parties combined). manufactured and completed on August 27, 2015 (effective date), by and between TITAN FISH TWO, LLC, a Kansas limited liability company («seller»), and LCRA HOLDINGS CORPORATION, a non-profit corporation incorporated pursuant to the missouri Nonprofifit Corporation Act («Buyer»). DIESE LOAN PURCHASE AGREEMENT (diese «Vereinbarung») wird from 8. April 2020 (effective date) of and between (a) CURO Receivables Holdings II, LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware (the «acquirer») and (b) Advance Group, Inc., a Nevada company, Avio Credit, Inc., a Delaware, Cash Colorado, LLC company, a limited liability company in Nevada, Inc., a Nevada company, Galts Galts, LLC, a limited liability company in Kansas , Principal Investments, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, SCIL, Inc., a Nevada company, and Speedy Cash Illinois, Inc., a Nevada company (together the «seller»). Any party to this agreement can be referred to collectively as «party» or «party.» The activated terms used here in this term, without definition, are used within the meaning of the loan agreement concluded with the date of this agreement (the «loan contract») of and between CURO Receivables Finance II, LLC, account debtors other than . THIS MASTER LOAN PURCHASE AGREEMENT, dated to , (date of effect), by and between LendingClub Corporation, a delaware company, as a seller («seller») and CET ACCORD (the «contract») is entered into and concluded from the date of , 20 , from and between GMFS LLC and between GMFS LLC and the following referred to as «Agent Correspondent». This first modification of the master loan purchase contract (this «agreement») will be implemented from November 26, 2018 by and between REALTY MOGUL COMMERCIAL CAPITAL CO., a California-based company («RMCC seller»), REALTY MOGUL, CO., a delaware company («RM seller»), effective, while RMCC sellers and RM sellers are referred to separately and collectively as «sellers» , and , LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware (buyer»); THIS PRIVATE STUDENT LOAN PURCHASE AGREEMENT (this «Private Student Loan Purchase Agreement») will be concluded on November 19, 2019 by and under national EDUCATION LOAN NETWORK, INC., a company duly organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska (the buyer), union Bank AND TRUST COMPANY, a state banking and trust company duly organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska.

, not in its individual capacity, but only as the lender`s agent for the purchaser (as a «lender of fiduciary lenders»), UNION BANK AND TRUST COMPANY, a Crown bank company duly organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska in its individual capacity (as such the «seller»).