Abr 10, 2021

Internship Agreement Epfl

This document is optional for a master`s project in the industry (unlike the engineering internship agreement, which is mandatory for an internship in a company separate from the master`s project). Students can write their master`s thesis during a research internship. If your company is doing research in a particular area, you should turn an internship into a research project. It also allows you to get closer to the research at EPFL by Professor IC who will oversee the work. If it is a master`s degree in a company, the student must enter it in the «Masterprojekt» tab and not in the «Stages» tab, even if the possibility has been found via the list of internships on ISA. It is the responsibility of any student wishing to do an internship abroad to inquire about the necessary legal and health requirements of their destination, including a visa or residence permit. He must take care of all the necessary paperwork (visa, work permit, vaccinations, etc.). As a general rule, the host company or a sponsorship agency (USA) provides support, but the responsibility for all these requirements remains that of the student (and/or the employer) and not the school. The industrial internship is an integral part of your master`s degree in material science and engineering. The internship has several objectives such as the student`s immersion in the world of work, the emphasis on the importance of teamwork, knowledge of the processes and requirements of a company expected by a professional engineer in materials science and engineering. The internship experience is designed to test the students` skills and skills at EPFL. In the case of internships outside Switzerland, the student must verify that the insurance coverage extends through his insurance policy to the country where the internship takes place. For some countries (for example.

B United States, Japan), it is recommended to have additional insurance to cover certain medical expenses that are not covered by the compulsory health insurance of Switzerland (LAMAL). Depending on their course, students can complete their internship in one of the two semesters of study or between the university break (summer). Some students meet their internship requirements by doing their master`s thesis (graduation) in a company at the end of their studies. The signing of the EPFL tripartite agreement does not impede the establishment of a separate bilateral contract between the company and the student. The internship must last at least 8 consecutive weeks for a 100% job. Its maximum length is 6 months. As a general rule, an 8-week internship takes place either between the end of the bachelor`s degree and the beginning of the master`s cycle, or between the two years of the Masters during the summer break. For an extended internship, you must take a semester during which you are registered as an «internship» and not take a course. Students who leave for an internship abroad must apply to the EPFL`s securite.epfl.ch/travel Safety, Prevention and Health (DSPS) website to benefit from the emergency assistance programme. This program provides additional assistance if necessary, but does not replace the personal insurance policies, as described above, that the student must maintain for the duration of his internship.

In Switzerland and Europe, EPFL is very involved in drawing attention to our new innovative programme, which involves a compulsory internship. Many companies publish their positions in the «internship» section of IsAcademia, while other companies have their own «career» website and are open to EPFL students who contact them directly. Now create an account on the internship portal to be informed of upcoming appointments. If you have any questions on specific details, we will be happy to respond as soon as possible.