Abr 9, 2021

Did Sony And Marvel Come To An Agreement

If anyone wants to know more about the current Spider-Man/Marvel license, the WSJ has good ventilation, but it is now behind a paywall: www.wsj.com/articles/marvel-and-sony-reach-deal-on-spider-man-movie-production-1423546677 The background story. August is not the time known for the big movies, but the news was perhaps that a separation between Disney (Ticker: DIS) and Sony (SNE) removed Spider-man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) without any agreement. although… This time, however, the press release from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures is much more mysterious. This may be partly in light of the fact that the Initial Marvel/Sony agreement was concluded as a result of a major hack, which means that the draft contracts were actually public at the time. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios have become increasingly mysterious; Far, the days when the studio would announce five years of films at the same time. All this of course means that this new Spider-Man deal is much more mysterious. Fortunately and against all adversity, Marvel and Sony have reached a new agreement that keeps Tom Holland`s Spider-Man in the MCU. But there is a decisive difference between how Marvel and Sony handled this new deal toward their initial deal. The first agreement, signed in 2015, was concluded quite far in the open air. The official statements detailed the impact. The 2011 agreement stipulates that Spider-Man can torture, drink, smoke and distribute drugs; But only if he wears the black suit. He can really do all that, but he can`t say the F-word; Black suit or not.

In fact, it kind of deciphered me, haha. You`ve put in a lot of effort, and I`ll read it all if I have some free time, but good job, man! 🙂 Large negotiating positions come with force, maximizing the prospect of lucrative multiplatform ip levers and corporate synergies. After Sony publicly threatened to walk away from the negotiating table last summer, sony finally reached an agreement with Disney and its subsidiary Marvel Studios, which will allow the slinging teen`s superhero, Spider-Man, at least one more film and another appearance in a separate film at the Marvel Cinema Universe. There is a decisive difference between this latest Spider-Man agreement and the one reached in 2015. This initial deal promised a whole series of Spider-Man blockbusters, while this one covers only two films. It is not clear what Marvel and Sony intend to do once these two films have been made; Will the studios return to the negotiating table or will they find a way to complete this partnership? As part of the new deal, Marvel Studios` Kevin Feige will produce a third film in Holland`s «Spider-Man» series, which includes both «Homecoming» and «Far From Home.» According to a press release, Spider-Man will also be screened in a future Marvel studio film. There is a lot of strap here, but it all depends on the money, and it is easy to understand why both parties refused to give in. Disney has requested that future Spider-Man movies be a 50/50 co-financing agreement between the studios, and there have been discussions to extend this to other films in the Spider-Man universe. Sony declined this offer flat. Sources said Sony, led by Tom Rothman and Tony Vinciquerra, came back with other configurations, but Disney didn`t want to do that. But Sony didn`t want to share its biggest franchise. Granted, Disney would find half the funding, but the risk is how much you`re going to make a profit again.

Disney is not at all interested in pursuing the current conditions under which Marvel gets 5% of the first gross dollar, sources said.