Abr 8, 2021

Business Centre Agreement

32. Confidentiality. The terms of your agreement are confidential. None of us can disclose them without the consent of the other, unless required by law or by an administrative authority. This commitment will continue after the end of your agreement. CET ACCORD, concluded on November 8, 2007 by and between Ann Conlon Enterprises, LLC, called Stratis Business Centers of Piscataway, following STRATIS, and Rio Ridge Resources, Corp., as client, and was able to do so. 23. Our responsibility. We are not liable for losses resulting from non-service performance as a result of cancellations, disruptions, strikes, delays, loss of staff, termination or any other interest in the building containing the Business Centre, or in any other way, unless we do so intentionally or negligently. We are also not responsible for failure until she tells us about it and given us a reasonable period of time to get by. You agree (a) that we do not assume any liability for losses, damages or claims arising from or in connection with your contract and/or use of the Services, unless such loss, injury, relationship, contract and/or use of the Services is the case, unless that loss, injury, expense or claim is directly attributable to our intent or negligence (our liability); and (b) that our liability be subject to the limits set out in the next paragraph. We are in no way responsible for business losses, loss of earnings, expected loss of savings, loss or deterioration of data, third-party claims or subsequent damages. We strongly advise you to insure yourself against any losses, damages or responsibilities.

13. Your name and address. You can only pursue this transaction on your behalf or any other name we previously approve. On request and fees, we will include this name in the House directory of the Business Centre, where this is available. You cannot put signs on the doors of your home or for that matter, visible from outside the rooms you use. You cannot use the seat address as a seat address.