Abr 8, 2021

Ahca User Registration Agreement

By clicking «I agree» below, you agree, on behalf of your member/multi-facility member organization, to respect and be bound to the terms of this acceptance agreement («Agreement») regarding your access and use of our owner LTC TREND TRACKER™ data collection and reporting/benchmarking tool (the «LTCTT»). You also agree to comply with and be related to all other applicable conditions, including, but not only, our terms of use (www.ahcancal.org/about_ahca/Pages/TermsandConditions.aspx) and privacy policy (www.ahcancal.org/about_ahca/Pages/PrivacyPolicy.aspx) which are both accessible on each of our websites and are included by reference. We reserve the right to revoke or deny access to the TTCTT to persons who have violated our terms of use, our privacy policies and/or this Agreement. Wholesale terms that are not defined below must have the definitions assigned to them under the terms of use. Any difference between the conditions below and the conditions set out in the terms of use will be decided in favour of the agreement. We, the American Health Care Association, can be called «AHCA,» «we,» «we» or «our» while you, the user, are called «you.» The first recording for LTC Trend TrackerSM can be completed in a few steps. For more information or help with the registration process, please email us at: help@ltctrendtracker.com . (Please note: Registration for multi-centre/community organizations must be completed by company headquarters). AHCA/NCAL must verify the centre/community`s membership and ownership status before the organization has access to LTC Trend TrackerSM. We can request your CMS 855A form if we cannot verify the property. The account administrator manages the administrative functions of LTC Trend TrackerSM and is the primary contact for your account. LTC Trend TrackerSM representatives will speak to your designated administrator to complete the registration process and, if necessary, to perform other administrative duties.

For more information on the tasks and role of the account administrator, check out our FAQ. 3. We control and control access to the LTCTT using authorized user accounts and passwords. You are asked to create a user account and set a password to use these areas. You must also designate in writing an account administrator responsible for your account, including the allocation of permissions and reporting of unauthorized users. Your account administrator is required to keep the user`s information up-to-date and accurate and he also has control over the creation and termination of user/access accounts. If you or your account administrator suspects fraud, breach of the above terms or other misconduct related to the TTCTT, you and/or the account administrator are required to notify the AHCA without delay.